SISSEL EDELBO: Brave shirt dress, turquoise/brown, TU
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SISSEL EDELBO: Brave shirt dress, turquoise/brown, TU

Brave Shirt Dress is a long, casual style that suits all body types and past. This dress has endless possibilities when it comes to styling. The buttons on the entire front make it possible to wear both closed and half-open like a dress. But you can also wear it open all the way so that it becomes more like in a kimono or in a long cardigan. You can easily add and belt at the waist to add a more shaped silhouette. For the production of this kimono, we have upcycled eating saris, which have been used by Indian women as a sari they binder beautifully around the body. Their soul is still sitting in the fabric.

Measures: (Onesize). Elastic waist in width: 184cm. Full length: 120cm. Arm length: 61 cm.

Note all our products are made of material that has been used before it has been redesigned. Debt means that there can be small flaws, such as small loose threads or small stains on the fabric. At SISSEL EDELBO, we love the sustainable history of clothing, and we think the small flaws give the clothing a unique charm. We hope you will do the same. Let the story continue. Since the fabric is recycled, we can not inform about the material composition of the fabric, all we know is that it is made of vintage sari carefully selected by us in Indian.




  • Item #: SE-BRAVE-TB1
  • Manufacturer: Sissel Edelbo
  • Condition: Refurbished

SISSEL EDELBO: Brave shirt dress, turquoise/brown, TU

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